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highest Pleasures

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His eyes, two green emeralds floating in the night. The Double Dick Tiger gazed at us, watching from behind thick foliage. Still as the stars above, sharp as arrows and calm with the confidence of nature’s primordial power. A brief orange campfire flickers flashing in his pupils.

We had left the roads behind, climbed green hills, crossed crystal streams, and came to stay with friends on ancient tribal land. The wild and fertile land of nature’s highest pleasures unrestrained.

We followed a dream. A dream to claim life’s forgotten promise. A dream that this is our world. A dream of time with friends, the lands' best food and celebrations wild and free. A dream to live below the ancient trees and bathe in crystal streams. We lived this dream and looked into his eyes.

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Now every year he calls us to his side.  Three days and nights we dwell among his trees.

On November 23rd the journey starts. There is but one way in and when the portal is closed, it’s closed until we reemerge. At the forest’s edge, we’ll wait for you. Across the hills and crystal streams, where deep inside the lands’ best food and song and drinks and more awaits…

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The Double Dick Tiger is calling us to experience the last pockets of ungoverned land together with our friends from the Pa Tueng Ngam hill tribe village in Chiang Dao.

During this 3-night camping adventure, you will get to connect back to your natural essence whilst dancing in the rice fields, bathing in the crystal stream, and sleeping under the sparkling stars.

The campsite is hidden deep inside the jungle far away from modern civilisation and phone signal. We will be under the protection of the DDT and provided with food and drink from his land. 

We promote communal spirit, sharing what you have, and contributing to the benefit of all. In our guide below you can find all things useful during your stay in the jungle.  

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“The Double Dick Tiger has called upon us to seek and share nature's highest pleasures, so that together we will build a world where wild Tigers roam free and the raw sensation of life and self-determination reign supreme.”

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